Virtually Indestructable Wind
Turbine Blade And Hub Assembly

An All Of The Above Blade Set Created To Withstand The Unpredictable And Brutal MidWest Winds. The Absolute Most Powerful, Efficient and Resilient Residential Class Wind Turbine Blade Assemblies On The Market Today! All Weather Computer Designed 9 blade - 62" Virtually Indestructable Polyethylene [HDPE] Plastic Wind Turbine Blade Set, Made of Shatterproof And UV Stable Polyethylene - 18" Diameter Precision CNC Cut 10ga. Steel Wind Generator Hub Complete Assembly. Will NOT Become Brittle, Shatter, Break Or Bend At Any Ambient Temperature Or Windspeed! There is NO reason this blade set shoudn't give you 25-30 years of dependable service. Center Of Balance Pilot Hole, Step Drill To Your Own PMA Generator Shaft Size Or I Will Do It On Request. Statically Balanced And Ready To Run. Absolutely Silent Running. Low Mass, Have Excellent Low Wind Startup. Trailing Edge Of Blade Is Mounted Perpendicular To Center Hole. This Feature Is Actually Derived From High Performance Swept Wing Technology Acting As A Knife Slicing It's Way Through The Air And Passing Freely Through The Radial Style Hub. 5 Degree Blade Tip Angle, 15 Degree Washout (Twist), Providing 7:1 Tip Speed Ratio. Blade Surface Area 11.25 sq. ft. Weighs Only 10 lbs. Easily Runs 14 Magnet Delco (GM) Generators. F2 Storm Wind Rating!

ABS Wind Turbine Blades9-62 Blade Energy Transfer
Wind SpeedEnergy
05 mph12 Watts
10 mph94 Watts
15 mph315 Watts
20 mph745 Watts
25 mph1456 Watts
30 mph2514 Watts
35 mph3996 Watts
40 mph5960 Watts
Actual energy production depends
on the many factors of the PMA used.

Completed And Balanced Assemblies Are Available For Local Pick Up.
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